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Spin Fishing for Trout

Spin fishing for trout, steelhead and Salmon in Ontario.

 Bottom Bouncing: Anglers either bottom bounce a weight with a hook and roe bag along the bottom carefully feeling the line for any hesitations or pulls that may indicate the subtle take of a steelhead.

Float Fishing: Anglers will also use baits under a float: See more at the Float Fishing and Centerpin page

 Lures for Steelhead: Lure fishing for great lakes steelhead can be very effective under the right conditions. When spin fishing some anglers prefer to throw lures like flatfish, kwikfish, spinners or crank bait lures like Rapalas.

We do guided trips for anglers that want to spin fish for steelhead and trout. Our most productive spin fishing method is to cast Mepps, Vibrax or Panther Martin spinners or crank bait lures but we also jig fish and float fish with spinning reels.

The strikes when using lures are usually aggressive so be prepared to have some fun.