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Spring run steelhead from the Credit River

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I made this website for anglers that want to learn about river fishing in Ontario from Ontario’s top river guide and a recognized river fishing expert. I have been guiding anglers from all over the world to big fish since the year 2000, but I can only teach so much in 1 day and I know that many other Ontario anglers still have questions about fishing in Ontario and that’s why I made this website.

My name is Graham and I have dedicated years to becoming an expert at fly fishing, Centerpin fishing, and spin fishing for Ontario trout and steelhead.

Why This Website? Being the top river guide in Ontario, I was contacted regularly by anglers just like you, anglers that had lots of questions and wanted to know more about river fishing.

It became obvious that many anglers had questions and that they had very few trusted resources for accurate information that was specific to southern Ontario river fishing.

Unfortunately, the busier I got with my guiding and my tackle store in Orangeville, the more overwhelmed I became trying to help everyone out while keeping up with organizing my daily guide trips and dealing with all my clients, as well as my young family and the store staff.

In order to provide the professional guide service I was known for and to be focused and prepared for my paying clients, I had to stop spending hours each week answering email and phone questions from everyone, other than his paying clients.

I knew that anglers needed help and that some of them weren’t ready to hire me yet.

I also understood the internet is full of information, but I also know much of it was useless misinformation for this area.

With the internet today, it’s often information overload.

With so many different ideas and opinions from so many so-called experts and all that mix of information it often just leaves anglers confused and frustrated.

Ontario's best trout guide

That’s why I thought having an information resource like this from a professional was needed.

So one winter during my downtime, I sat down and put in over 100 hours of work to build the most thorough website in Ontario to help all those hundreds of anglers that email me every year looking for more information.

Most of the questions I have received over the years are answered here so if you search you’ll likely find the answers you need.

This website also benefits my current and future clients by providing extra information and a reminder of what they learned in lessons and on guided trips.

Why Trust Me? On this website, you will get information from a guide with over 20 years of guiding experience, who has over 36 years of Fly Fishing experience in Ontario, and over 30 years of Centerpin and Spin Fishing experience for the trout, steelhead, and salmon of Ontario.

A guide who has guided over 2500 anglers over the last 20 years and who has spent over 250 days on the water some years.

 Your guide for this website is Graham and he knows these rivers and how to fish them better than just about anyone in the world and you would be hard-pressed to find a more well-rounded and knowledgeable river angler and guide in Ontario.

Graham guiding a young client to a big steelhead
Graham guiding a young client to a big steelhead. This was one of 20 they hooked their first day of steelhead fishing

Graham has also fished just about every steelhead and trout river flowing into Lake Ontario, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, and a few Lake Erie rivers too.

You may have seen Graham at the many speaking engagements and seminars he has done, at trade shows, on Fishing TV shows, or in the multiple fishing books and magazines.

To make this website even better, Graham’s knowledge is also combined with the knowledge and help from many of his fishing buddies and acquaintances, and it’s all free on here for you.

You will also find more great information on Graham’s Ontario River Guide website which is the top-ranked guide service in Ontario.

Graham works with other great guides.

Best Ontario River Fishing Guides
Best Ontario River Fishing Guides

But wait, there’s more! Graham has gone North America wide on his newest website so anglers fishing for trout and steelhead all over North America can benefit from his advice.

The new website is full of the most up-to-date information, tactics, and gear for river fishing that you may not find on this website, so be sure to check out Trout and Steelhead.net today.

Graham with the crew from the New Fly Fisher TV show

Graham has been privileged to have fished with many other pro anglers, Guides, TV personalities, and other exceptional river anglers.

To make this website even better, Graham’s knowledge is also combined with the knowledge and help from many of his fishing buddies and guide friends, and it’s all free on here for you.

Graham is seen here with host Bill Spicer and Mark Melnyk from the TV shows “Guided” and “The New Fly Fisher”  Check out the shows below.

Check Out Graham On TV Fishing For Ontario Trout And Steelhead


Watch as Colin from the New Fly Fisher Show and Graham explore the Credit River in search of its big elusive brown trout.


Watch Graham as he teaches Bill Spicer how to catch fall steelhead on the Nottawasaga River.


Bill Spicer and Mark Melnyk take a boat trip with Graham on the lower Credit River for some springtime steelhead.

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