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Best Tippet and Leaders for Trout and Steelhead

The leader and the tippet are very importand parts of a fly set-up. In fact, with out them you pretty much wont catch any fish. It’s the part of the line that is in contact the most and is where you connect you fly.

There are a few important tips you should know before you set out to buy your next spool of tippet.

First, what the hell is tippet anyways? Many of you already know what it is but this site is also viewed by thousands of new fly anglers. A tippet is a spool of leader material that is equal diameter throughout the entire spool, it’s not tapered like a leader is. The tippet line is made up of nylon/mono or fluorocarbon and it goes between your tapered leader and your fly.

The reason we use tippet and not just tie the fly on to a tapered leader is b


Some anglers are even float fishing with a centerpin rod for bass. A popular way to catch bass is to float fish or throw lures with a spinning reel outfit.


What ever your preference is, Graham from A Perfect Drift Guide Company offers all of these methods and has been fishing for bass for over 30 years. Graham has been guiding for 15 years and has guided clients to many bass per trip.


Some days a couple dozen smallmouth bass caught below the surface and on top water lures is possible.


Graham offers boat trips to remote sections of rivers and also offers walk and wade trips. You’ll have a lot of choices with Graham’s guide services.

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