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We are Ontario’s premier source of information on trout and steelhead fishing with relevant advice for all great lakes region anglers. Our website is used by new and experienced anglers from Canada and the USA and beyond.

Every year our website grows and in 2020 we reached over 60,000 unique visitors. With our recently renovated website and with lots of new content we hope to double those numbers in the next few years.

Why Us?

We make it clear to all our viewers that the information on this website comes from the top river guide in Ontario and that the information and products work.

It is our opinion that anglers trust fishing guides and they want to know what the guides recommend and they want to use what the guides use because if it’s good enough for a guide it’s good for them. Because of this, they are more likely to purchase what they see on our websites.

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Added Bonus

Our River Guide website, A Perfect Drift Guide Company, attracts tens of thousands of anglers throughout the year. In 2019 we had 55,375 unique visitors. We believe our guide website is the highest viewed website of any river guide service in Ontario and is still growing. In April 2020 we completely revamped the website, improved our SEO, and added lots of new content with more content coming.

Some of the anglers visiting our guide website may not visit this website so as an added bonus and to make sure you get maximum exposure, you will also receive multiple ad spaces on our guide website, and it’s free with every Go Exclusive package and some Standard Package clients. Contact us for details.

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