An angler fishing trout and steelhead in ontario

Get Expert Tips And Advice For Fishing Trout And Steelhead In Ontario

Ontario Trout and Steelhead Guide
Ontario Trout and Steelhead guide

I have been Ontario’s top river guide for over 10 years and my specialty is fishing trout and steelhead in Ontario.

I originally made this website to provide my clients with tips and advice about fishing trout and steelhead in Ontario.

Anglers fishing trout and steelhead in Ontario can now get expert advice from professional river guides right here! We discuss the best rivers to fish and when to fish them, as well as the best gear and the best methods for catching trout, steelhead, and salmon in Ontario.

I and my team of guides and my guide friends all contribute to this website so that the advise you get here actually works. You never need to rely on non-professionals again for advice about fishing trout and steelhead in Ontario.

I have guided and taught around 3000 clients over the last 21 years and this website answers many of the questions anglers have.

These tips and tactics are guide tested and can be effective all around the Great Lakes region and on just about any river in North America

Ontario Rivers

Fishing For Ontario trout and steelhead
Ontario trout and steelhead Rivers

There are hundreds of cold clear and clean rivers and creeks in Southern Ontario that have trout, steelhead, and salmon. MORE . . .

Ontario Trout

Ontario Trout Fishing
Ontario Trout Fishing

Learn more about fishing for Ontario’s elusive Brown trout, the native Brook trout, and the hard fighting Rainbow trout.  MORE

Ontario Steelhead

Ontario Steelhead
Ontario Steelhead

Steelhead is the most prized of all Ontario Rivers species and we discuss the best methods and where to catch them. MORE . .

Ontario Salmon

Ontario Salmon
Ontario Salmon

Salmon is the largest river species in Ontario rivers and we discuss where, when, and how to catch these giants. MORE . . . .

Fly Fishing

An Angler Fly Fishing In Ontario
Fly Fishing In Ontario

Fly Fishing is popular and products for trout and steelhead and we tell you the best places and best methods. MORE . . . .

Centerpin Fishing

Centerpin Fishing Ontario
Centerpin Fishing Ontario

Centerpin fishing, also known as Float Fishing can often be the best method for catching steelhead and salmon. MORE . . . .

River Fishing Gear

Some essential river fishing products - Fly Rods
River Fishing Products

If you want to know what the best river fishing gear is I will help you find what you need with angler and guide tested products MORE . . . . 

Best Times To Fish

Best Times To Fish
Best Times To Fish

Find out when is the best time to fish Ontario rivers so you start catching more fish and don’t miss out. MORE . . . .

Best Times To Fish In Ontario
Best Times To Fish In Ontario rivers

Tips And Advice On Our Blog

Get all the advice and tips you will need to catch more fish in rivers from the top river guides in Ontario on our blog. MORE . .

Plus get a whole lot more with updated information about Fly Fishing, Centerpin Fishing, and Spin Fishing tactics as well as best gear for the trout and steelhead of North American Blog Website

About River Fishing In Ontario

If you ask any river angler from outside of the great lakes region where to go for big brown trout you might hear the words Montana, New Zealand, or Argentina, and if you asked about where to go for steelhead you’ll likely hear BC, Oregon, or Alaska, but did you know that Fishing Trout and Steelhead in Ontario can be just as good.

Southern Ontario is home to hundreds of rivers and streams with resident trout and steelhead in them and the fishing is so good that catching 60 steelhead a day or landing 6 brown trout over 20 inches in one day is very possible. Check out our page The Best Rivers In Ontario For Trout And Steelhead


Fishing on Bronte Creek
Fishing on Bronte Creek

Steelhead and Salmon – Many of our Ontario rivers that flow into the great lakes also have large runs of big salmon, with many runs as good as those famous steelhead and salmon rivers out west.

Landing 20, 30, or even as many as 60 steelhead or salmon over 20 pounds a day is possible right here in Ontario.

Ontario has opportunities for anglers to fish for many different species including large Chinook salmon that can average 25 pounds with some even over 40lbs, as well as hard fighting and high jumping Coho salmon, big migratory brown trout over 30lbs, and even Atlantic salmon.

Not many places can offer all that variety and all at a distance and a price anyone can handle.


Best Ontario river guide
Best Ontario river guide

Big Brown Trout – Why travel thousands of miles to Argentina or New Zealand costing you big bucks when we have opportunities to catch multiple brown trout over 20 inches right here in Ontario and often within a 60 – 90 minutes drive of downtown Toronto. More about Ontario Brown Trout

And why go out west when we have opportunities to catch 30 plus steelhead a day all over Southern Ontario and with many rivers within an hour east, an hour west, or an hour south of Toronto. More about Fishing For Ontario Steelhead

In fact, you could catch steelhead, salmon, and big migratory brown trout literally minutes from downtown Toronto. All you need is the knowledge of where and when to go and how to effectively catch these great cold water fish of Ontario.

This website helps you gain knowledge of where, when, and how to successfully fish Ontario rivers.

Ontario River Guides

Best Ontario River Fishing Guides

Ontario has some of the most skilled river fishing guides found anywhere around the great lakes region. Learn more in a day with one of the great guides from A Perfect Drift Guide Company.

They are skilled with fly fishing, Centerpin fishing, Spey fishing, and spin fishing methods and they target most of the Ontario river species.

Ontario River Guide Pictures

Graham is one of the best Ontario steelhead guides
Graham is recognized as the top river guide in Ontario and he trains all the guides at A Perfect Drift Guide Company
Best Gear For Great Lakes Salmon
Guides From A Perfect Drift Guide Company get clients onto big salmon in Ontario
Best Ontario river guide Graham helping out a young angler
Top Ontario river guide Graham helping out a young angler with a huge steelhead. This was 1 of 15 they landed that day
Grand River Fishing Guide Graham with a 25-inch Brown trout.
Head river guide and trainer Graham with a huge Grand River Brown trout. The third large brown that day.

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Ontario Fly fishing guide
Ontario Fly fishing guide

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