Is Trout Season Open In Ontario?

Is trout season open in Ontario

The trout season is different in different parts of Ontario so the answer you the question “is trout season open in Ontario?” depends on where you want to fish for trout. Even if the trout season is closed in your area, there are often rivers or lakes that you can legally still fish and I will explain below.

Is Trout Season Open In Ontario?

If you are reading this and it’s between late April and October the trout season is open. The trout season opens in southern Ontario on the 4th Saturday in April and is closed on October 1st. This trout season opener is for brook trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout.

Is Trout Season Open All Year In Ontario

An angler fishing for trout in the winter in Ontario
An angler taking advantage of the year-round trout open section on a Southern Ontario river.

The trout season is not open all year but anglers can fish for trout all year on some river and lakes.

Some lakes and rivers are open longer or are open all year. These rivers and lakes that might be open when the regular trout season is closed are usually listed in the Ontario Fishing Regulations under Extended Fall Fishing For Trout or under Year-round Fishing for trout. There also different species of trout which can also open at different time.

An angler with a winter caught steelhead on an Ontario trout river.
An angler with a winter caught rainbow trout on an Ontario trout river in the year round open section.

Look in the fishing regulations under the zone you want to fish and look for where it says Additional Fishing Opportunities – Season: open all year.

Also, look for Additional Fishing Opportunities – Season: open from the fourth Saturday in April to December 31 (extended fall season). Then go down the list and find the river you want to fish.

In the Fishing Regulations also look under Water Body Exceptions because there are some rivers that open later and some rivers will close sooner. Some rivers may also have sections that are a fish sanctuary or they may have special fishing rules, like “No Kill” zones or barbless hook zones.

Is the trout season open in Ontario
An angler on a great trout river in May while on a guide trip with A Perfect Drift Guide Company

Make sure you check the fishing regulations to make sure you are in the southern Ontario zone 16.

Northern and eastern parts of Ontario will open at different times, so look on the map provided in the fishing regulations, find your zone, and see if it’s open.

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