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Ontario Rainbow Trout

Ontario Rainbow Trout: Finding a true river rainbow trout or what they also call a resident rainbow is very difficult to do in Ontario. The true resident river rainbow trout is one that doesn’t migrate to an ocean or lake like a steelhead rainbow does, instead a resident rainbow lives it’s entire life in the river it was born in.


These rainbows often take on nice colors and big spots.

Most river rainbows are escapes from trout ponds or trout farms and I don’t think much natural reproduction takes place with these fish.

Also, in most rivers it is suspected that resident rainbows eventually spawn with or get mixed in with the steelhead strains and eventually disappear or start to migrate.

There’s only a few areas above falls or other obstructions where resident rainbows do exist but don’t mix with steelhead populations.

A Perfect Drift Guide Company does guided trips for resident rainbow trout on a couple of rivers.

On a side note, there are opportunities for some large resident rainbow trout that may actually be steelhead in some rivers all summer. These could be steelhead that get stuck in some of the smaller rivers all summer and if they remain there for long enough they start to feed and act like resident rainbow trout and can providing anglers the opportunity to catch them on multiple methods including dry fly fishing.

These steelhead are hard to find but with some summer scouting and some luck you may be able to get into some nice mid summer rainbow trout.

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