Best Ontario Steelhead Guides – Southern Ontario

Best Ontario Steelhead Guides

The Best Ontario Steelhead Guides Will Put You On More Fish!

There are a number of steelhead guides in Southern Ontario and the best Ontario steelhead guides can be found on the internet. Like 90% of my clients you are probably interested in learning how to become a better steelhead angler which is why I will discuss how to find the best Ontario steelhead guides so you don’t end up with the wrong guide.

The best Ontario steelhead guides are found at A Perfect Drift Guide Company. The best Ontario Steelhead guides will be the most experienced, they will be great at teaching, they will have the patience for all skill levels and they will be well versed in all the most productive fishing methods.

What To Look For In An Ontario Steelhead Guides

When looking for the best Ontario steelhead guides you should look for a guide or a guide company with a solid reputation backed by hundreds if not thousands of happy clients.

An Angler Fly Fishing Ontario River

If you ask “who are the best Ontario steelhead guides” on the local fishing forums or at local fishing clubs often the same names will come up.

The names that keep coming up will be the best Ontario steelhead guides that you will find and these guides have clearly proven themselves to the anglers of Ontario.

If you really want to learn how to be a better steelhead angler and you want the best guide trip possible, then you only want to consider and hire the best Ontario steelhead guides.

Not All Guides Are Good

The shops are going to hate me for this but, my experience with river guides that work in the local fly shops or the local tackle stores has been not-so-good.

I’m also not going to recommend some new guy who claims to be a guide on his social media pages because anyone can become a river guide in Ontario with no skills and no qualifications. Just because someone claims to be a guide, it doesn’t mean they are any good.

Best Ontario River Guides will stay by your side
The best Ontario steelhead guides will stay by your side and coach you every step of the way.

Often these shop guides and new guides are only part-time guides with very limited guiding skills and no training. The shops often offer guide jobs to their good customers who they believe are good anglers but have never guided before and have no guide experience.

Because there are no guide licenses in Ontario a guy can become a guide with zero skills.

These shop guides are often very inexperienced guides that are trained by other inexperienced guides or trained by nobody. They’re simply thrown into the job with the hopes they do a good job.

I have said this many, many times, that “a great angler doesn’t always make a great guide.” Guiding takes skill, patience, and understanding.

As I have seen first hand that having the wrong guide can not only leave you learning very little and not catching any fish, but it can also be dangerous.

One of my best customers decided to try a local shop’s head guide because I was booked up and unable to guide him myself. He found out later that this “so-called” head guide was this guide’s first attempt at guiding and my client ended up getting hurt and had a bad day on the water.

I have also seen these shop guides set their clients up in a spot and then leave and go fish another spot themselves, I felt bad for this couple that was left alone and reported this to the shop, but then saw the same guide out guiding a week later. This kind of stuff makes fishing guides in Ontario look bad, but this is what you get if you’re not careful and you don’t do your research.

Only choose high-quality guides from professional guide companies. You may pay a little bit more but in the end, it will be worth it. These types of guides only guide, that’s all they do, so they take their guiding very seriously and they are on the water sometimes 7 days a week so they know exactly what’s going on and how to give you the best chance of catching some good fish.

A new guide training another guide
This is a top guide training a new guide. You want to be sure you choose only river guides that have learned how to guide from other top river guides.

Who Are The Best Ontario Steelhead Guides?

Graham from A Perfect Drift Guide Company has been guiding for 20 years and has guided many of his clients to their personal best steelhead and to many days of 10 to 30 steelhead per day. Some years their guides will put over 300 steelhead in the net just in the month of November. Their guides are considered by many Ontario anglers to be the best Ontario steelhead guides.

With over 36 years experience on Ontario rivers, owner, guide and instructor Graham is one of the only steelhead guides in Ontario that is skilled enough to offer traditional and modern fly fishing methods for steelhead, as well as 2 handed Spey fishing for steelhead, and Centerpin fishing. Graham also guides anglers while spin fishing with floats and lures.

With over 3000 clients, Graham is considered one of the best Ontario steelhead guides and is likely the most experienced steelhead river guide in Ontario.

Graham’s guides are well trained by him and they benefit from his teaching and guiding experience which puts them at the top of the list for the best Ontario steelhead guides.

A Perfect Drift Guide Company offers boat trips and walk and wade guide trips to remote sections of the best Ontario trout and Steelhead rivers. They offer guide trips for steelhead using fly rods, Centerpin rods, and spinning rods which makes them the most versatile river guide service in Ontario.

A Perfect Drift Guide Company also works with 3 or 4 other top full-time river guides to ensure that anglers using their service are guaranteed to get the best river guides in Ontario.

Graham is one of the best Ontario steelhead guides
Graham is recognized as the top river guide in Ontario and he trains all the guides at A Perfect Drift Guide Company
Best Ontario river guide Graham helping out a young angler
Top Ontario river guide Graham helping out a young angler with a huge steelhead. This was 1 of 15 they landed that day

Best Centerpin And Float Fishing Steelhead Guides

Ontario Centerpin guide Cody with a nice silver steelhead.
Ontario Centerpin guide Cody with a nice silver steelhead.

Head guide Cody Burden is another one of A Perfect Drift Guide Company’s top river guides and is one of the best Ontario steelhead guides.

Cody is one of the most skilled river anglers I have ever fished with and trained as a river guide.

Cody is a well-rounded angler and guide and is extremely knowledgeable on many methods of river fishing.

Cody specializes in Centerpin and float fishing methods for steelhead and trout and gets great reviews from his clients.

You may find Cody on one of the local Georgian Bay rivers since he’s on the water almost every day.

Cody is experienced with fly rods and spinning rods and targets many species like salmon, brown trout, brook trout, bass, and carp. Cody also offers ice fishing guide trips.

Cody also offers nighttime brown trout fishing with mouse patterns. You can see one of his best mouse caught brown trout below.

You can book and guide trip with Cody at A Perfect Drift Guide Company.

Head Guide Cody In Action

Ontario river guide cody with a beautiful brown trout
Ontario river guide cody with a huge ontario salmon
Ontario river guide cody with a beautiful Ontario steelhead
Ontario river guide cody with a beautiful nighttime Brown trout

Best Fly Fishing Guides For Steelhead

Best fly fishing guides for Ontario steelhead
Head guide Cody guiding teaching fly fishing methods for steelhead on one of the best steelhead rivers in Ontario.

Ontario has some really great fly fishing guides for steelhead and I have worked with many of them. When looking for the best Ontario steelhead guide to help you learn how to fly fish for steelhead or for just a great steelhead guide trip, make sure you look for the most skilled guides that are well trained and backed by a highly recommended guide service.

The guides at A Perfect Drift Guide Company offer their clients single-hand fly rod fishing for steelhead and Spey fishing for steelhead. Their spring and fall steelhead boat trips with head guide Cody can get you into some of the best steelhead water in Ontario.

Teaching Is Our Business: There’s More For You

Fly Fishing Lesson in Ontario

I love to teach and guide on the river, but I also teach online and it’s FREE. My guess is that like 90% of my clients, you are also interested in a river guide trip because you want to learn more and get better at catching steelhead.

I know I can’t teach everyone and that not everyone can afford the best Ontario steelhead guides so I started teaching online through this website and another new one that I call my blog.

If you want more detailed and updated information then you should know that I have recently gone north America wide on my newest website so anglers fishing for trout and steelhead all over North America can benefit from my advice and tips that I have learned over 20 years of guiding. These tips and advice are all about catching more trout and steelhead and are all on my blog website.

The new website is full of the most up-to-date information, including bonus information that you won’t find here. It includes more on fishing tactics, and the gear my guides and myself use and recommend to our clients. This is the stuff that you may not find on this website so be sure to check out Trout and today.

Get great advice from pages like:

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Don’t forget to check out our Best Products page to help you figure our what you might be missing.

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