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A Perfect Drift Guide Company is Ontario’s top independent full time river guide service. We guide 13 different rivers and use all the most modern methods for catching trout, steelhead, salmon, bass, pike and musky. If you want the best there is no other! We are centrally located in the Orangeville area and very close to the top trout and steelhead rivers.

Raven Tackle provides anglers with the best steelhead steelhead and salmon float fishing gear on the plant. Used by guides and anglers alike. and for good reason, their products work, are at a great price and their customer service is excellent.

Fishheads Canada is Ontario’s premier online store for all your river angling needs. They sell all the top brands and are know for their high quality roe and great service. Not only that but these guys are hard core anglers and know Ontario river fishing like no other!

Korkers are a very unique high quality wading boot. It is a very popular boot as is ideal for all the different river terrain here in our Ontario rivers. It’s the number one choice of A Perfect Drift Guide Company guides.

Drift Outfitters Fly Shop is Ontario’s premier fly fishing shop located in downtown Toronto. They have a wide selection of top products available in store and on-line through there website. Click on thier picture for more information.

Metcalfe School of Fly Casting specializes in teaching anglers basic and advanced fly casting. Without good casts anglers are severely limited in catching fish. A lesson or two with these guys is highly recomended.

Approved Retailers

Check out these approved retailers for all your river fishing needs.

These approved retailers meet our high standards for great customer service, great selection and competitive prices.

Also, if you’re not sure what you need, check out our Best Products page to see what the guides use and recommend.

Fishheads Canada store for river fishing products