Ontario River Fishing Lessons

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Ontario River Fishing Lessons

Learning under the guidance of a professional is like taking 10 years off your learning curve in less then a day.  The guides and instructors at A Perfect Drift Guide Company have been teaching multiple methods of fishing for over 20 years.

Individualized Ontario river fishing lessons for all skill level are welcome, so regardless if it’s your first day or you have 50 years of experience a good guide can customize all our individual lessons to your current skill level and needs.

As the head guide at A Perfect Drift Guide Company I’ve yet to run into an angler that I couldn’t teach something or help them improve in one way or another.

I believe that on the river instruction is the fastest way and only way to learn fly fishing or float fishing with a Centerpin reel or spinning reel so all our classes and lessons are done on the river with a rod in your hand.

Our specialty is river fishing so if you would prefer to learn to fly fish on a pond, a soccer field, a park or even in a gymnasium we’re probably not the guide for you!

I can teach up to 3 anglers at time during a small group lesson so if you want to bring a buddy or family member you can, but remember the more people attending the less time I can spend coaching you. You will learn and catch more if it’s one on one.

I call individual lessons a “Guide Lesson” because we are actually fishing while I teach and coach you and that way you’ve got a good chance of catching fish to which also enables me to help you with your fish fighting and handling abilities.

Ontario river fishing lessons


Learning how to fly fish on your own can be a little frustrating especially when you’re not catching fish. Hiring a guide can speed up your learning curving so you start catching more fish.

Book your lesson by contacting me via our guide website.

We offer beginner fly classes and advanced classes as well as individual lessons. For more info on all lessons visit our Fly Fishing Lessons Page – HERE


Centerpin fishing is likely the fastest growing style of river fishing for Steelhead and Salmon because it’s very effective and very fun.

We are the first and only company in Ontario offering river anglers the choice of Centerpin Classes or Private one on one lessons.

Your guided trip can be tailored to improving your skills at the same time as you’re fishing, I call it a guided lesson. This type of guided lesson is great for both beginner and more advanced anglers.

For more information on our Centerpin Classes and Lessons visit our Centerpin fishing page – HERE

Ontario Centerpin Fishing

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