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Ontario River Access

 River Access:

Finding Good Access: Finding good access has always been
difficult for Ontario river anglers. Unfortunately there’s no maps or books or websites that provide good solid information that tells anglers where to go. On top of that other anglers don’t want to tell you were you can fish because
they’re all trying to hide those few sweet spots from others. The few easily accessible spots are often almost fished out and anglers often leave fishless and disappointed. I could very easily point fingers again at our government for not managing our river fishing recourses better but what will that accomplish. I do hope that one day they will look at other areas of North America where the fisheries management staff there are buying up access along rivers, working with land owners to gain more access, designing parking
areas for anglers, increasing fishing zones and providing maps to help river anglers out, implementing catch and release zones or better harvest limits and even slots limits to help maintain fish populations for a better all around fishing experience but until then, this is what I can suggest for you..

You can Google search for conservation areas on the rivers you want to fish and access there.
You can also drive and stop at bridges along the river to see if they are occupied or are posted private property
You can ask land owners for permission and maybe find a unpressured sweet spot
Or, you can contact your local OMNR office and ask them what is and what isn’t public and private property and where can you fish.
Remember to respect private property and don’t trespass and don’t litter…Good luck!

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